Elf Report

Last year my wife bought one of those “Elf on a shelf” dolls for our home. The basic idea is that the elf comes to your house and observes you throughout the day and reports back to Santa, which got me thinking what this report would look like. Thus was born the idea of the “Elf Report”. A simple Word document with a report template wasn’t going to do though. Our elf was a 21st century elf and was reporting back to Santa via a custom built web app.

The app is a simple html¬†page using AngularJS and Chart.JS to create a page displaying stats about the child, their behavior, the gifts they want, and a pie chart displaying their “Naughty” and “Nice” behavior levels. It does require a active Internet connection as it makes calls out to Google Maps (to display a map of the child’s address) as well as multiple CDNs. The data is populated from the app.js file making it easy to update the report with new data. Since everything is contained in simple javascript and html files it doesn’t require a web server and can be opened straight from the computer it’s saved to. I plan to add some additional features to the report for next year and maybe look into creating a front-end to allow for easier updating of the reports data.

If you want to see it in action I have posted all the code up at my Github: https://github.com/ATXcoder/Elf-Report

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